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District Goals

Quality Learning for Every Student, Every Day

District Vision:

The Oak Park School District will function as a professional learning community with Data Teams as its’ focus to ensure quality learning for all students every day.


District Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oak Park School District is to provide quality education in which we respect students’ individual and cultural differences, educate all students to meet or exceed the district’s academic standards, and ensure that they possess college and career readiness skills necessary to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.


Values Statement:

We will intentionally engage in positive, authentic, caring relationships that nurture a growth mindset to foster students’ resilience and long-term achievement.


We will intentionally provide all students with high quality instruction.

We will intentionally cultivate a culture of collaboration with on-going professional learning to continuously improve our practices.

We will intentionally provide a safe and supportive learning environment that embraces diversity


The Oak Park School District Goals For Success: 

  • Raise achievement of all students by providing a variety of learning opportunities to meet their needs, while ensuring graduation from high school, and career and college readiness. 
  • Improve health and wellness of students and staff. 
  • Provide a clean, healthy, and safe learning environment for all students and staff.

  • Promote innovation which focuses on best practices and quality efforts that meet the needs of today's students. 
  • Recruit, develop, retain, and recognize high performing and diverse staff, to effectively meet and challenge the diverse needs of today's students.

  • Build strong partnerships with parents, business, community, and faith-based organizations to raise and maintain high standards of academic, athletic, and fine and performing arts excellence.





District Profile:

Oak Park, “The Family City,” is located in the metropolitan Detroit area. Many have been attracted to this unique city because of its efficient government and its fully committed school system. The Oak Park School District (OPSD) is known for the quality of its’ administrators, teachers, support staff, collaborative partners, as well as, academic programming, extracurricular offerings, and wraparound services. Many of our graduates attend institutions of higher learning all over the nation. The District is home to approximately 4,800 students from a wide range of social-economic backgrounds. OPSD is comprised of three elementary schools, offering full day head start and pre-school opportunities (Einstein Elementary Pre-K – 5; Key Elementary Pre-K – 5; and Pepper Elementary Pre-K – 5); one middle school (Oak Park Preparatory Academy (6th – 8th grades); one exclusive 9th grade academy in its’ own building (Oak Park Freshman Institute); the high school, Oak Park High School (10th – 12 grades); a non-traditional setting for students who need strict discipline, NOVA Discipline Academy (ages 8 – 17 or 3rd – 11th grades); an exclusive 21st century alternative placement where students earn a high school diploma while earning career technical education experience or vocational training, Oak Park Alternative Education Center (ages 15 – 21); and a host of virtual learning opportunities, Oak Park Virtual Academy (6th – 12th grades). Oak Park School District provides exceptional learning opportunities for students with various abilities. In Oak Park, we believe that all children can learn! We believe every child deserves a quality learning experience! We pride ourselves on making a difference in the lives of every student enrolled in the district! The goal is for every student to be college and career ready throughout their educational journey from Pre-K – 12th grade.