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Volunteer Information

Oak Park greatly values our volunteers! There are many opportunities available, and our school community is stronger when we work together.

To become an Oak Park volunteer, please complete the attached Volunteer Background Check form and return it to your student’s school building office. Each volunteer must have a background check run before being allowed to volunteer to ensure the safety of our students.

The background checks are free. One form per adult volunteer, good for one school year, and can be used for multiple buildings/events.

Records will be kept strictly confidential. A conviction does not necessarily disqualify an applicant. Thank you for your interest in volunteering and your commitment to your child’s school and its success!

Visitor – No background check required

A visitor has a brief business (5-10 minutes) with their own child or their child’s teacher, or comes into the office only (no student contact).

• Teacher/parent conferences
• Dropping off a forgotten lunch, birthday treat or change of clothes
• Administering medicine

Parents may only go to the classroom if an appointment has been made. If not, students will be called to the office to complete the brief business.

Volunteer – Background check required

In a school building or at a school-sponsored event to assist a teacher and/or students.

• Reading with students
• Making copies
• Classroom assistant
• Lunchroom assistant
• Field trip supervision
• Helping at an athletic, band, cheer or other school-sponsored events
• + many more opportunities that have been agreed upon with teacher/staff


Every volunteer is assumed to commit to the following:
• Supporting a safe and learning environment for all
• Checking into the office upon entry/exit
• Keeping cell phone silenced with usage limited to emergencies only
• No photography or recording of students
• Keeping student information confidential

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