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Bulletins & Publications

Oak Park Parade

Attached you will find pictures from the city of Oak Park 4th of July parade.

Oak Park Parade.ppt4.52 MB

Multicultural Fair

Multicultural Fair Flyer

Multicultural.pdf75.53 KB

Kindergarten Roundup Flyer

Attached is our May Kindergarten Roundup Flyer

KindRoundup.pdf472.72 KB

Spring Concert

Attached you will find the flyer for the 2011 Spring Jazz Concert

Spring Concert Flyer.doc19.5 KB

Reach Newsletter April 2011

This is our Reach Community Newsletter for April 2011. 

ReachApril2011.pdf2.87 MB

OPHS Ninth Grade Institute

Attached is our flyer for our newest building.  The OPHS 9th Grade Institute.  Featuring 1 to 1 Technology. 

FreshmanInstituteFlyer.pdf1.86 MB

School Funding Alert!!!! CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS!!

This document contains a very important school funding alert.  Please view this file and contact your legislators to let them know how you feel!

FundingAlert.doc64 KB

Community Resource Fair Flyer

This is our Community Resource Fair Flyer.

The Fair is sponsored by Congressman Levin and will be at OPHS on March 24, 2011.

Download this file for more information.

ComResFair.pdf79.79 KB

31 Ways To Build Your Child's Self Esteem in 31 Days

31 days to build your child's self esteem in 31 days. 

This is a packet of information promoting Parenting Awareness Month.  There is a calendar of daily parent/child activities, 10 things parents can do to promote healthy relationships, words your child needs to hear, and many more pages. 

SelfEsteem31.pdf1.51 MB

Nova Enrollment Package

This is the enrollment package for Nova of Oak Park School District.

EnrollNova.pdf224.45 KB