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OPPA Counselor's Corner

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The Oak Park Preparatory Academy

Counseling Department 

The Oak Park Preparatory Academy Counseling Department provides services to all students in our building. Our goal is to support students academically and socially as they prepare for high school and beyond. The Counseling Staff at the Oak Park Preparatory Academy has worked collaboratively with Oak Park High School counselors to develop a district-wide approach to assisting our students in being successful. Our curriculum focuses on the development of academic skills, college and career planning and exploration, as well as social and emotional skills development.

Middle School Course Catalog (See Attachment Below)
Career Exploration


 The Counseling Department works with all students in the areas of goal setting, high school readiness, and career exploration. We provide classroom presentations and facilitate students’ completion of their Educational Development Plans. Parents and students can access student’s EDPs at www.careercruising.com. Career Cruising is an excellent resource for parents and students to complete interest inventories, explore college programming and admittance standards, and career exploration.


Username: oppa
Password: oakpark
For additional College Preparedness resources click on the “OPPA Advantage” link below:
Student Support Services


Check-In & Connect

In an effort to get students back on track academically, students check-in with a staff

member each morning and set a daily goal, which is monitored through daily teacher

reports submitted at the end of each school day.



Title 1 Assigned Study Island Tutorial Software

The Oak Park School District has purchased tutorial software for all students to access for FREE. Your child’s specific username and password is necessary for entry into the website. This site provides grade level appropriate lessons to enhance students’ skills in reading, writing, science mathematics, and social studies.



Password: student ID #                      (Ex: 200532641)

Contact: Yvonne Taylor-Greene for more information on Study Island @ 248-336-7620 

 Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available as needed to students who need additional support. The Counseling Department does provide referrals to any parent who is interested in pursuing counseling for their child or family outside of school.


Resource Coordinating Team
The resource coordinating team was designed at the Oak Park Preparatory Academy to assist in exploring options available with students and parents in an effort to achieve academic success. This team of building stakeholders works collaboratively with parents and students at systematically achieving success in the classroom. In most cases this team develops a individualized approach for each student and parent to track academic performance in and outside of the school environment. 


 Community Collaborations


 Project Upward Bound (Oakland University)

Project Upward Bound (PUB) is a college preparatory program stationed out of Oakland University. PUB works with student in the Oak Park School District by providing additional academic support, social skills development, and cultural awareness as well as administers career readiness activities. Project Upward Bound is a federal funded program that requires students to improve academically. The program assist students in performing better academically through weekly tutoring at Oak Park High School or through bi-weekly meetings on Oakland University’s campus which also provides ACT preparation workshops.


For more information on Project Upward Bound:



 Oak Park Youth Assistance
The Counseling Department works diligently with the Oak Park Youth in a collaborative effort to address students’ needs in and outside of school. Students can be referred to Youth Assistance by any staff member.


St. John’s Open Arms

St. John’s Open Arms works in collaboration with the Counseling Department to provide grief & loss counseling in a group setting to students who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This is a 10-week program with weekly group sessions at a pre-determined day and time. Parental consent is necessary for student involvement in this program.



For more information regarding the counseling office services available at the Oak Park Preparatory Academy:

Mrs. Georgiou the 7th and 8th grade counselor:




We believe in maintaining an open communication—open door policy!!!
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