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Principal's Page

 It is an honor and a privilege to have been selected to serve as the interim Principal of the distinguished Oak Park Preparatory Academy. This school with its rich history, dedicated staff, outstanding students and committed parents is my new home, and I am proud to be here. I am passionate, purpose driven and prepared to lead this valiant team to new levels of success. I want to thank my predecessor, Ms. Thomas for her outstanding leadership, and the entire OPPA family wishes her well on her new endeavor.


As we move forward this school year, I want to encourage each parent partner, scholarly student and stellar staff member to embrace the pillars upon which great schools are built. Those pillars are relationships, rigor, relevance and results. Our goal is to build positive, purposeful and passionate relationships that promote academic, social and behavioral excellence. Our endeavor is to talk early and to talk often about how to best serve the individual needs of each child.  Please be assured that the instructional experiences in each classroom will have a new level of rigor strategically designed to interest, challenge and change each student’s outlook on learning. New Honors Academy Classes are being designed to meet the needs of our gifted and talented children to expand the scope of their horizons, giving them cutting edge opportunities through research and project based learning. After School programs, athletics, special student activities as well as our PTSA (with a new component called Parent University!) will all center on experiential opportunities that are relevant to empowering our OPPA families to be the best! Each decision made this year will be made with a specific outcome or result in mind; that result being how to increase student achievement, and creating a culture and climate that is conducive to teaching and learning.


Parents, please plan to be with me during this years’ orientation session to discuss new practices, policies, and procedures. Please be sure you review the Student Handbook for details regarding student arrival, dismissal and other important details that all contribute to the overall success of your child and the school.  Feel free to visit the building, contact my office, schedule an appointment or just come by and say hello as we prepare for an awesome experience! I can be reached at 248.336.7620 or via email at


Ms. Akeya Murphy

Interim Principal

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is courage to continue that counts."
      - Winston Churchill